Post Asylum
Drool and Meter Maid
Direct Auto | "Drool and Meter Maid"

The Perfect Time for a Pleasant Surprise

Editor Caitlin Van Dusen and Color/Finish Artist Michael Fleetwood teamed up on seven new national spots for Direct Auto Insurance. The "Pleasant Surprise" campaign from Occam/Dallas features people in the throws of a frustrating situation that gets resolved in an unexpected and humorous way. Always nearby to comment is good luck charm celebrity spokesperson JJ Hightail, played by Carlos Alazraqui of Reno 911 (Deputy Garcia) and Taco Bell (Chihuahua) fame.
Editorial | Caitlin Van Dusen
Motion Design/VFX | Fleetwood
Simple Joys
Mimi's Cafe | "Simple Joys"

Bringing Life’s Simple Joys to Your Table

Jessica Smith recently applied her deft editorial touch to this new spot for Mimi’s Cafe. The brand establishing spot captures the simple joys of gathering with loved ones for laughter and a delicious, simply prepared meal at Mimi’s. The project was produced by Noonday Pictures, a recognized leader in the restaurant/dining category, and directed by ML Nelson.
Editorial | Jessica Smith
Motion Design/VFX | Finish by Fleetwood